Founder's Journey

My path has always been a spiritual one. Making money has ever been at the bottom of my list of personal goals. Spiritual training courses and The Store at represent an effort at creating and offering products whose meaning will last far beyond their acquisition.


What the Spiritual Training Courses Logo Means

The interlocking triangles in the center represent the the triune deity of the Paradise Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit as eternally One. The three circles represent the Paradise Father, the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit as never-beginning and never-ending self-existent presences on Paradise–Absolutum–the eternally fixed Absolute Center of all reality, which has a geographical location beyond time and space.

Founding Partner

Thomas Orourke

Thomas and I met, becoming close friends in December, 2017. We have been working together, creatively, since then. We have also joined together in our spiritual journey, which in and of it self is nothing short of miraculous, amazing, astounding and ever-momentarily revealing of greater light of truth.